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Since 1994, Anne Symon Interiors has been helping clients design their dream spaces. As an interior design expert, San Francisco local, and an avid world traveler, Anne offers extensive knowledge of timeless concepts that influence her incredible style…..


The phoenix of napa

The Phoenix of Napa was built between 2019-2021 by ASI and Moss Carter Builders. Our client bought a burned down lot in the Silverado Country Club estates with an amazing view of the valley…

The Jewel of Lone Mountain

This lovely home was an original Oliver Rousseau home built on Lone Mountain SF in 1938. Our client loved the bones of the home…

Las Palmas

A modern take on the classic Mediterranean, this property became an indoor/outdoor oasis…..



Anne Symon Interiors prides itself on its timeless and turnkey approach to creating refined, highly aesthetic interior spaces tailored specifically for each client.



Anne Symon Interiors has been designing homes of distinction since 1994, collaborating with clients on interior design, architectural planning, project management, furniture design, and art consulting.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Anne Symon Interiors on various projects for many years. She brings a sophisticated elegance to her projects while making them unpretentious and comfortable. Anne has a wonderful sense of style, is able to create memorable interiors by her inspired combinations of texture and color. She has the ability to work in a variety of styles, but the similarity between them all is the exceptional quality of the finished product. As a decorative painter, I feel privileged to work on her projects. I know she expects the best from me because that’s what she always gives her clients: the absolute best!”
It doesn’t get any better than Anne Symon. She is a person of strong character and ethics, both on the job and off. I have never worked with someone that is so driven to completion, with such attention to detail, and all the while with style and substance. Anne has a taste level that is undeniable and a fierce commitment to her work. She can move mountains
C.B. Cornelius
Working with Anne on a close personal basis with a mutual client was very much a professional highlight, and concluded with a very happy client. Anne’s design talent and attention to the smallest and biggest details with equal care created an impeccable project meeting the highest goals the client gave us. It was a great experience with a great outcome.
Ron Herman
Anne Symon Interiors helped us turn a second bedroom into an elegant & efficient office/workspace for two! Her classic design style is timeless and we were thrilled with the cabinetry, window coverings, and paint selection she suggested.
Diane Ervin
Anne and her team are fantastic. She’s very easy to work with – really listens to what you say and even better manages to turn some words into THINGS! Amazing. It’s like she just made the perfect pieces appear. A wonderful experience.
Diane Ryan Adams
Anne Symon Interiors have been wonderful to work with. When we moved into our house we knew there was potential but had no idea how to proceed. Within six months our home has been transformed. Combining furniture, paint, draperies, and other small touches our home is comfortable and lovely.
Anne Symon took my dreams and made them real by transforming my home into the stunning and gorgeous place it was meant to be. Her staff and extended team of vendor representatives and skilled craftspeople made the process a pleasure and fun and wonderful experience. I will cherish working with each of them as a truly memorable and important life experience which I was fortunate to have the opportunity to share with them..
Chris K.
If you are looking for an interior designer you can trust who will not only make an effort to factor in your tastes and the purpose of your project but will gently guide you away from potentially bad decisions, I highly recommend working with Anne Symon Interiors.
Chris Allen