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This project in Kent Woodlands is simply one-of-a-kind. The property was purchased mid-construction by its current owners after they became enamored with hiking in the area. Interior design was the last piece of the puzzle for this crown jewel, taking ample time to ensure each detail of the property was finished as desired. 


The design for this unique home was designed as a transitional modern with Asian elements, with an emphasis put on comfort and livability. The renovation was designed to accentuate the home’s proximity on the edge of Mt. Tamapalais, celebrating the spirit and surrounding views of San Francisco. The 3,683 sq. ft. home features four bedrooms (including an incredible master suite), vaulted ceilings, a gourmet kitchen, library, as well as multiple decks for privacy and elegance unique to the area. Large, picturesque windows and numerous skylights provide abundant natural light, adding to the harmonious balance of indoor/outdoor living. 


This sweet story shared about the homeowners below by interior designer Anne Symon is a true indicator of the love and heart that was infused into each element of the design process:

“While traveling abroad looking at furniture and decor, my clients had each seen this incredible Tom Corbin Bronze sculpture and immediately fell heads over heels in love with it. In honor of their impending ten-year wedding anniversary, the husband & wife reached out to me simultaneously & separately wanting to purchase it for the other. I had to work with the wife (of course she got first dibs!) to concoct a whole story around the statue being purchased, and sell the schtick to the husband and make it believable. Thankfully the plan went off without a hitch, and both husband and wife are happily enjoying this gorgeous new addition to their home.”